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President Trump’s Immigration Policies

The ESRL conducted a survey just before the 2016 election, and a post-election survey in the spring of 2017. In both surveys, we asked respondents questions regarding President Trump’s proposed immigration policies. In general, Texas voters have remained divided on … Continue reading

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International Concerns of Texas Voters on Russia and Cyber Attacks

During the Spring 2017 semester, the ESRL surveyed Texas registered voters about international concerns. First, tensions with Russia. Second, cyberattacks from other countries. Russia and Cyber-Attacks against the United States The ESRL asked the following question. I would like your … Continue reading

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Views of Federal Health Care Coverage in the State of Texas

In the most recent survey by the ESRL, registered Texas voters were asked questions regarding federal health care coverage. The first question asked Texas citizens whether it was the responsibility of the federal government to provide health coverage to all … Continue reading

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Texas 2017 Post-Election Survey

From March 20 to April 13, 2017, ESRL employees and undergraduate students conducted interviews as part of a class project who were enrolled in Political Analysis, taught by Dr. Jared Perkins, and Introduction to American Government, taught by Dr. Sara … Continue reading

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Donald Trump’s Immigration Policies

According to our 2016 Election Survey, a majority of Texans (50%, 260 respondent votes) will cast their presidential vote for Republican nominee Donald Trump (Graph 1). Hillary Clinton, the Democratic candidate, follows with 34% support. Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson has … Continue reading

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