Sex Education in Texas Public Schools

The ESRL recently completed its post-election survey. Respondents were asked two questions about sex education in public schools. The first question for respondents was to assess their awareness of what is currently being taught in Texas and the second question asked whether there was a need for a more comprehensive approach.

Awareness of Sex Education in Public Schools

Are you aware that most Texas school districts teach abstinence-only sex education or no sex education?

Yes, I am aware 54%

No, I am NOT aware 44%

Don’t Know 1%

Refuse <1%

Of the 442 respondents, most (54%) were aware that Texas school districts teach abstinence-only sex education or no sex-education at all.

Support for a More Comprehensive Approach

Do you support abstinence-only sex education or would you prefer that Texas school districts adopt a more comprehensive approach?

Abstinence-only sex education 14%

Adopt a more comprehensive approach 77%

Don’t Know 8%

Refuse 1%


An overwhelming majority (77%) of registered Texas voters would prefer that school districts adopt a more comprehensive approach.

Support for a More Comprehensive Approach and Party Identification

When compared to party identification, the majority of all political parties support a more comprehensive approach.


Democrat Independent

Something Else

Abstinence-only 26% 5% 11% 7%
More Comprehensive 63% 81% 86% 83%
Don’t Know 9% 13% 3% 10%
Refuse 2% 2%


From March 20 to April 13, 2017, ESRL employees and undergraduate students conducted interviews as part of a class project who were enrolled in Political Analysis, taught by Dr. Jared Perkins, and Introduction to American Government, taught by Dr. Sara Norman.

The employees and students called registered voters in the state of Texas and had 442 completed surveys. Interviews were administered on both landline (28%) and cell phones (72%). The margin of error was ±4.6 at the 95% confidence interval. The sample was weighted based on age from the 2015 population estimate obtained from the Texas Demographic Center

The codebook can be found here: ESRL Spring 2017 Survey.

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